Info voor Therapeut & pharmacists

For treatment of psychosomatic difficulties the Swiss firm Rubimed AG has launched into the market a homeopathic series of preparations with 28 emotional preparations (Emvita©). According to current experience and prescribing of patients, they have shown very strong and most effective biological treatments of unconscious mental conflicts. Such mental conflicts in numerous illnesses represent in fact the real cause of the illness in question. Even in heavy cases, such as chronic states of pain, good results have been achieved. The emotional preparations support action of all other therapeutic forms, and they have shown to be very good in many a private practice treating patients with the help of plant preparations. They have, in a short period of time, become inavoidable standard medicines.

The emotional remedies (Emvita ©) after common practice experience have a fundamentally more far-reaching effect than Bachflower-Remedies. According to the inventors of the new biological method – the married couple Reimar und Ulrike Banis/ Switzerland – they can be regarded as “psychotherapy with drops” and can be prescribed together with other therapies or alone.

Rubimed AG has developed Chakra preparations (Chavita ©) for segmental energy therapy, that also support the therapy with the “emotional preparations”. Unconscious mental conflicts often lead to segmental vegetative blockades that can be removed by means of “Chakra preparations”. The Chakra preparations have also shown to be good in symptomatic therapy, such as cases of lumbalgies and pelvic illnesses of various kinds where Chavita 1 helps best.

For the faster elimination of geopathic stress Rubimed AG offers a homeopathic preparation called Geovita © . It can also be used for the so-called “probatory diagnostics”, because if the patient feels much better due to the drops it is easier to convince him to change his bad bed-place.

For precise testing of energy difficulties and unconscious mental conflicts, Rubimed AG has also brought to market a newly developed device for testing called REBA © .

A basic testkit can be ordered. A detailed, easily readable review manual may be sought at Rubimed AG, as well as further informations and a video cassette. Seminar dates for introduction to this treatment method may also be fixed. The emotional and Chakra preparations are available in pharmacies, as 30-milliliter small bottles with drops (violet glass bottles for improved conservation of the preparations).